Breakfast at McDonald’s

Breakfast at McDonald’s.


Prayer for October 4th

Hope For The Broken Hearted

hope for the broken hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

You tell us, if we hunger to come unto you because You are the Bread of Life. You tell us if we thirst, to come unto You because You are the Living Water. You tell us if we are tired and weary, to come unto You and You will give us rest.

You tell us if we are troubled, to come unto You and You will give us Your peace.  You tell us that You will supply all of our needs, according to Your riches in Glory through Christ Jesus. You tell us to not let our hearts be troubled or afraid because you are with us.

Oh, Lord, how easy it is for us to forget your promises and commands when the worries and sorrows of the world come against us. We listen to the lies that are whispered to us by the enemy. We…

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Really Big Happier News: FREE Courses!

I am extremely HAPPIER with the new changes to this app. Especially the fact that I can now use it on my iPad. The awesome free courses are a great bonus too. Thank you !


attitude-gratitude-ipadWe’re making some big changes here at Happier, and we shared some of the app changes with you already. (Side note: more information on specific changes there are coming, we promise!) But now we’re ready to share the really big news with you guys: Most Happier courses are now absolutely FREE to everyone!!!

Since we launched them earlier this year, thousands of our members have taken Happier courses and loved them. We’ve got a lot of work to do to make the experience even better, but we’ve already heard that our courses really make a difference, fit into your hectic schedule, and are simple and fun to do. Thank you!

We founded Happier on the belief that anyone can make the choice to be happier. And that’s why we decided to make most of our courses free: We want to make learning and practicing simple habits proven to make people…

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Don’t Panic: Changes In The New Happier App

Love it!!!


We were super excited to announce the latest version of the Happier app, because we’ve been working hard and we always love to bring our community improvements and even more ways to make you happier. But we also recognize that change can be a little uncomfortable, so we want to help clarify some questions we’ve received about changes in the new and improved app.

Help! Can we not edit or delete moments anymore??
In the old version of the app, you had the little gear wheel in the upper righthand corner of a moment. In the new version, instead, you have an ellipse (that’s the ) either under your moment text (if there’s no picture) or on your photo (if you used one); in either case, you’ll see it in the lower left corner. Clicking on the ellipse takes you to your editing options. See below (I drew…

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How to make a Rainbow Layer Cake using white chocolate mud recipe


Rainbow Cake Rainbow Layer Cake

This cake is similar to my Rainbow Cake below and you can find full instructions for it here.

Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cake

Three things make this cake special

1. The Rainbow Layers. They can be a big surprise if the recipient and/or guests have no idea what is inside.

2. The cake is based on a White Chocolate Mud Cake. Lots of people are scarred to use colours with Chocolate mud cakes if they do not have the special chocolate colours. I did a lot of research before I used my ordinary food colours and the reason they work is because we are not colouring 100% pure chocolate. The other ingredients magically make it alright to use Wilton or AmeriColor (these are the only two makes that I have tried so far).

3. You can make this cake even if you do not have 6 x 10″ round cake…

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